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Comments from Delphi Developers

"It is a good program and has saved me oodles of work!"
- Richard Stephens, ALMSys, Inc.

"Congratulations on your code, which I'm enjoying getting to know. It's tight and elegant."
- Stephen Aberle, Pharmolution Systems Inc.

"I bought BS1 Enterprise Accounting - ERP accounting Source Code three years ago and here what to say about the source code, it is:
1- Reliable
2- Efficient
3- Secure
4- Maintainable
I have been programming for the last 15 years but honestly BS1 source code has changed my way of programming. Also, BS1 complies with the Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) standards. I strongly recommend BS1 Source code."
- Hassan Farhat, Senior Software Developer, Keytek Technology

"I have been using both BS1 Enterprise/ BS1 professional source code since 2004, mainly in developing total solution for businesses. My clients spread from small whole sell distributor to large supermarkets. The source code is so clean and easy of understanding. By looking back to my projects history, I can proudly say that purchasing BS1 source code is the most valuable decision I have ever made in my professional life. Thanks Trevor Davis."
- Terence

"I have been using BS1 for my jobs, in fact BS1 has been a great inspiration for me. I feel that the technique used simple but very special. I very recommend to buy ...five star positive feedback..."
- Irfan

"I absolutely love working with your code."
- Malcolm Cheyne, Software Support Services

"The main task of our students is to connect BS1 to several applications. Some of these applications are build by these students in C# and php. They als perform some minor changes in the BS1-software. Our students learn a lot of this project."
- Jeroen van Amsterdam, School voor ICT

"I must say that I find your code about the cleanest, clearest and easiest to follow that I've seen in a long time. Your generosity will save me major headaches and research in finishing my project. Although I have an MBA and a lot of accounting-related experience, I would have had to do major research to get what you've handed me on a silver platter, and I am most appreciative."
- Barry L. Birch, AMICUS Database Software

"My complements on the simplicity and intuitive nature of your software. Probably the best I've seen in 20 years."
- Mike Murray

"The source code seems exceptionally wonderful. Thanks very much for the good programming practices you provide us with."
- Ahmed Khalfan

"I purchased the code for the BS1 suite and have to say (as a customer) that I am very very happy with the product and the support - it is second to none, and believe me, we checked out a lot of products (plus I had to get it past a couple of accountants)."
- Allen O'Neill, Vortex Technologies

" Without doubt - it murders xxx. A friend of mine worked for a company that bought that and I was called in to help at one stage. It was a nightmare!! It was ported from CA Clipper and still used dBase expression indexes etc in the code. Shifting it to Client Server proved impossible. BS1 however I think will move reasonably well to CS - Interbase at the very least. :-) xxx is also so over priced. If I was to price xxx it I'd say it was worth $50 with source. It was really that bad! :-)  BS1 has been one of the best investments I've ever made! :-)"
- Scott Kane, MicroNexus Software Australia

"We purchased BS1 Professional Delphi source code to use as a template for adding accounts receivable to one of our applications. The product makes a great template -- the tables and transactions are simple enough for even me to figure out and it supports many of the features (multiple taxes, currencies, etc.) that we required in our app."
- Brett Watters, GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc.

"Thank you for the amazing product! I've been looking for a good accounting package to bill my customers with for programming. Everything to this point has been so ugly or so complicated I need a business degree to figure it out. I tried yours out and think you really captured exactly what is needed for small businesses and contractors. My cheque is in the mail!"
- Bil Simser (developer who is a BS1 Professional end-user)

"I really think you have something here! Quick, simple and affordable. I have seen everything on the market from QuickBooks to larger client server products. I really like your product layout and compactness."
- Bruce Byrd, Rocky Mountain Mechanical Systems, Inc.

"Agreed it is a great program and has saved me a ton of time in my own development. Thanks for putting out a top notch product."
- Chris Boothe, Oxford Wire and Cable

"I have been using it myself for my jobs, in fact I couldn't do without it now!! Its a really fine piece of work, and I am really enjoying going through the code."
- Greg Martin, InterBACS Ltd.

"BS1 Enterprise - positively superb - thanks."
- Dave Stephen, Macmicro Ltd.

"I wish I would have purchased BS1 long ago. I learned new tips and resolved some of my own problems in just in one hour."
- John Postnikoff, Track Information Systems

"Your source has been a great inspiration for me and how elegant the source is documented. This really is a masterpiece of code."
- Kari J Hunfjord, Smellur

"BS1 is the most elegant, well-built business application that I've come across - and I've tried many. Its code is clear, commented and consistent. The tasteful interface is very functional for touch-typists, and it's easy to be modified if you want more bells and whistles. For those like me who had read a lot of Delphi theory and were dubious in the practice of making real-world applications BS1 was very inspiring. So you get with its source a fully working application and even better -an incredible treasure for Delphi programmers."
- Damian Marquez

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