Inventory Software

BS1 Inventory software tracks stock levels and costing for manufacturing and distribution.

Inventory Software

Inventory is received via receipts and depleted via sales and manufacturing usage (in BS1 Enterprise Accounting with Manufacturing). Warehouse transfers, physical count corrections, and reduction of inventory due to spoilage/breakage, theft and samples, etc. are entered via adjustments.

BS1 Enterprise Accounting has Lot Tracking with expiry dates, forecasting, price lists, and a Physical Count option for printing count sheets, entering physical count, printing variance reports, and generating adjustment transactions.

Inventory Item (BS1 Enterprise Accounting)

Inventory Item (BS1 Accounting)

Inventory is available as part of:
BS1 Accounting - AP, AR, GL, Inventory Software
BS1 Professional Time Billing - Accounting Software with Time Billing
BS1 Enterprise Accounting - ERP, Inventory, Distribution and Manufacturing Software

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