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From 1982 - 1989 Davis Software developed custom accounting software for clients including Dicksons Coffee (Nabisco), Melrose Coffee (Nabisco), Calona Wines (Nabisco), Clark Freightways, Coast Agri Fertilizer, Pine Tree Nuts (Nabisco), and Western Concord Manufacturing. The most notable project during this period was the "Green Bean" system developed on an IBM S/34 for Nabisco to track inventory, forecasting, roasting and blending of coffee beans for Dicksons Coffee and Melrose Coffee. Years later when Kraft bought the coffee division from Nabisco the "Green Bean" system was converted to run on an IBM AS/400 and installed at Nabob and Bourbon Coffee.

In 1989 Davis Software was given the opportunity to develop a custom system for a group of companies in Robin Hood Multifoods' Baked Goods division. This system would include General Ledger, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Sales Analysis and Manufacturing. The goal was to develop a system that would rival the million dollar solutions that were available at that time and insure that the information being received by the decision makers in the companies would be accurate and timely and give the best possibility for turning a profit. This software would later become the pre-cursor to the current BS1 accounting software for Windows. BS1 is the direct result of countless hours of meetings with accountants, plant managers, purchasing managers, distribution managers and even a logistics consultant.

In 1996 Davis Software shifted focus to develop a package solution for Windows using the knowledge acquired from 16 years of developing custom accounting software. In 1997 BS1 for Windows was released and is now being used in 80 countries worldwide.

Davis Software is again offering custom programming! We use BS1 accounting software for Windows as the foundation and build in the functionality you need to meet your company's specific needs.

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BS1 (Business System 1) es una marca comercial de Davis software
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