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Canadian accounting software and ERP software with manufacturing (optional).
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Multi-currency features facilitate purchasing from USA or other countries in foreign currency, and selling in foreign currency.

Canadian Accounting Software
Canadian Accounting Software - General Ledger, Billing, AR, AP, Inventory.

Canadian ERP Software
Canadian ERP Software - Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing.

Davis Software has developed accounting, ERP and manufacturing software for Canadian businesses including Kraft Foods (Nabob Coffee, Dickson's Coffee, Bourbon Coffee), Nabisco (Melrose Coffee, Club Coffee, Pine Tree Nuts, Calona Wines), International Multifoods (Canadian and US companies: Gourmet Baker, Fantasia), Saxby (dessert), Canadian Wise Foods (spices), Western Concord Manufacturing (plastic bags), Westvale (raspberry juice), Coast Agri (fertilizer), East Chilliwack Co-op (vegetables), Francis Distributors (bread), Terry Lynn Bakery, Clark Freightways (trucking), Inktech (ink). Also companies in UK, China, Middle-East, other.

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