Accounts Payable Software

The Accounts Payable software tracks vendor invoices and payments.

Accounts Payable Software

When setting up vendors you specify the currency, thereby setting the currency for their invoices. The Open Payables report, Aged Payables reports, and Accounts Payable Invoices screen allow currency selection, so you can see how much you owe in each currency.

The accounts payable software assigns the (default) due date for each invoice based on the vendor’s terms. Intelligent Payment Management is facilitated by an option to "AutoCreate" payments for all invoices due for a selected currency. These may later be modified or deleted.

An integrated phone dialer is available by right-clicking on vendors, invoices, or payments.

Accounts Payable data is passed to the General Ledger software automatically via Journal Vouchers with expenses converted from foreign currency to domestic currency.

Accounts Payable Invoice

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BS1 Enterprise Accounting - ERP, Inventory, Distribution and Manufacturing Software

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