Time Billing Software

Time Billing software for tracking jobs and time. Billing data is passed to the Accounts Receivable software for printing and further processing.

Time Billing software

When setting up jobs you specify the customer, details of the job including estimated price, maximum price, or fixed price, and whether the customer has given authorization to proceed.

When setting up each task within a job you specify the task type (links to rate table), description, due date, and any notes pertaining to the task. You may assign a task to an employee, enter the estimated hours, and override the task type billing rate if desired.

Each employee's time is entered by selecting the customer, job, and task. Time can be entered via the built-in Stopwatch Timer or from time sheets using the Time Calculator to convert start/stop times to decimal hours.

Create invoices by selecting a specific customer or all customers, a specific job or all jobs, and a selected cut-off date.



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BS1 Professional Time Billing - Accounting Software with Time Billing

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