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"By the way, I've seen several manufacturing systems like this in my career. After looking it over a few days, I think your software is an incredible value."
- Ed Jackson, USA

"I bought BS1 Enterprise Accounting - ERP accounting Source Code three years ago and here what to say about the source code, it is: 1- Reliable, 2- Efficient, 3- Secure, 4- Maintainable
I have been programming for the last 15 years but honestly BS1 source code has changed my way of programming. Also, BS1 complies with the Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) standards. I strongly recommend BS1 Source code."
- Hassan Farhat, Senior Software Developer, Keytek Technology, Kuwait

"The main task of our students is to connect BS1 to several applications. Some of these applications are build by these students in C# and php. They also perform some minor changes in the BS1-software. Our students learn a lot of this project."
- Jeroen van Amsterdam, School voor ICT, Netherlands

"I absolutely love working with your code."
- Malcolm Cheyne, Software Support Services, Australia

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